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Hello! I’m Courtney.

And I love to write. Specifically, I love to write about the things that point me to resurrection and life, beauty and joy. Its funny for me to admit that to you in this space. For a long time I was rather robotic about the way I approached life. I wanted certain inputs to lead to certain outputs and for a long time it actually worked. I trained hard with the rowing team in college and eventually we won some races. I passed my college courses over a couple of years and after enough credits I earned my degree.

Something shifted while earning that degree though that made me realize that my life was not going to be as clear cut as I had bargained for. People I loved made decisions I hadn’t anticipated. Things I had cherished for years were taken suddenly from my hands. I found myself standing on uncertain ground with a college diploma in hand, wondering what the heck I was supposed to do next. Everything looked different.

I wouldn’t have said it back then but today I’m incredibly grateful for the way my life has unfolded. Had I not stood on uncertain ground in my 20s I wouldn’t feel the excitement and joy that’s available to me now in my 30s. If not for difficulty I’d still be living a life of inputs and outputs. This is far less interesting than the adventure that I’ve found via the life of faith.

That’s what this blog is about. Its about falling apart and then finding your way back. The road here has not always been pretty. A lot of it has felt incredibly uncomfortable. Truly, I can say that developing a faith worth standing on has been the hardest work I have ever done. But its also the best work I’ve ever done. This is the work that makes us truly human.

The words you find here are bits and pieces of my story. I want to share what I’m seeing in the world and connect with others who are seeing it too. I want to keep coming alive and I want to see others come alive with me. Because if there’s one thing I’m certain of its this: the world has plenty of robotic people. We don’t need any more. We need more people fully aware of their capacity to live abundantly in partnership with the living God. He has been so faithful. I have no reason to believe he won’t continue to be. Thanks for reading.

Me, in a nutshell.

I was born and raised in northern Virginia and proudly wear my “Virginia is for Lovers” trucker hat to this day. I was raised Roman Catholic and attended Loyola University in Maryland where I met my husband, Andy. Together, we find ourselves at home in a Presbyterian church in East Atlanta. After 11 years of marriage, we still find ourselves at home in any church that celebrates an incarnational and resurrected Christ in ways that are true, gracious, and appreciative of human fallibility.

We lived in Galveston Texas for six years before moving to Atlanta where we currently reside with our two great kids, Ellie and Ethan. When not running around after these two you’ll likely find me reading a good book or exploring our city.

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