Poetry: Let’s Be Brave

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Let’s Be Brave

By: Courtney Beck


When Galileo considered the cosmos,

Did he panic?

Did his heart leap in his chest,

And his guts try to hide?


Or, for a minute, did he

Stammer, like the Establishment?

Furrowed brow, clenched fist

Insistent on a power only as strong,

As their beating hearts,

Now forgotten, in an abandoned cemetery,

Across the impossible sea.


And what about me?

I awake today, restless,

Awaiting a morning sun,

Whose rising I cannot hasten,

Nor stop.


I consider a sliver

Of the sunlit moon,

Curling my hands around

My morning coffee mug.


Inhaling the space between us

Where human bodies rest,

I wonder.

Are we impotent?


Microscopically vital?



“Let’s be brave,” I whisper,

“Let’s have faith.”

“Let’s build a chapel on the moon.”

4 Replies to “Poetry: Let’s Be Brave”

  1. This is really sweet, Courtney. True bravery is not when you are fearless. True bravery is when you are scared to death but move forward and take that first step in spite of any anxiety. Just for the record I think you are one of the bravest persons I know!


  2. Beautiful words, thank you for sharing! And, thank you for the Thank you note with the AWESOME Art work!! we had kabobs last night and we never make them without memories of making them at your house…and then Andy running out of gas for the grill. Funny, I don’t even know how you got them cooked because I only remember the wonderful visit we had sitting at dinner on your back porch! Love to each of you!!


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