Poetry: American Robots

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American Robots

By: Courtney Beck


If there’s a chicken in every pot, who prospers?

Do I? Does my child?

I guess, I’m not quite sold.


I’ve had chicken prepared

A thousand ways in my lifetime.

Quickly, quickly after work.

Quickly, quickly before bed.


Is something missing?

Do we ever stop to ask?

When will be the right time?


Will we ever realize that Chicken Elizabeth,

after a time,

Drowns the senses for a summer salad

prepared from nobody’s garden.


There just wasn’t time to plant this season

And so, they won’t be showing for dinner tonight.

Chicken’s on the menu at their house this evening too.

On the Brink of Adventure


Mary Poppins returns

Good morning friends and readers!

Its a beautiful day today in Atlanta and while I only have an hour to write I figured there’s no time like the present. I’ve taken what feels like a year long pause on this blog primarily because I was working on another masterpiece for the world that required most of my brain cells and attention. Might I present to you Ethan Hutchison Beck who was born on February 26, 2019 in the late hours of the night. He has stolen our hearts (and our sleep, for that matter) and was truly worth the lost writing time – though I’ll be honest that I have missed this space and am excited to launch again. (Now on a personally hosted site! http://www.courtneytbeck.com)


Fair warning, this might happen in fits and starts as my time is even more limited than it was before now that we have a second kiddo under our roof. But I have faith that God is in the driver’s seat and that he will lead the way.

Speaking of which…

If you haven’t seen the Disney movie Mary Poppin’s Returns, do not delay. It is JUST as glorious as the first and might I say that I have developed a minor girl crush on its lead actress Emily Blunt who hit an absolute home run in the title role. My favorite scene is the moment the Banks children and Mary Poppin’s enter the fictional world of their mother’s favorite porcelain bowl to fix a broken horse-drawn carriage (OF COURSE) and decide to stay for a ride around their porcelain surroundings. Everyone clamors and questions about their destination on the way into the carriage when Mary Poppin’s stops them all and exclaims:

“We’re on the brink of adventure children! Don’t ruin it with all of your questions!”  -Mary Poppins.

Readers, this is probably my favorite line of any movie ever in the entire world Amen. Right?!

Having just had a baby I can assure you that I’ve had my own series of clamoring questions for the Lord and for the world as we’ve struggled in fits and starts to get our feet on the ground. So many of those questions still don’t have answers and I think I’m starting to realize that this is OK. I keep coming back to the words I heard loud and clear from a blog post sent by a friend just a few months before Ethan was born.

“Follow Jesus.”

Two words. So powerful because I am confident of this: the Holy Spirit of the living Christ has not failed me yet.

So, my dear ones, if you are reading this now, give yourself permission to sign up for the adventure that is following Jesus. I am cheering you on. Sometimes it will be damn scary. A lot of it can be confusing. Yet the Lord has a way of speaking to us in ways that we can eventually understand if we will allow ourselves enough time with him to hear him speak. He’s like the ultimate Mary Poppins, if you will. He’s called us to adventure. Want in? This carriage has plenty of room…

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